Monthly Archives: July 2015

#38: Data and Consumer Health Tim Davenport, Consumable Science

How can patients better understand the data behind their health? Tim Davenport, CEO of Consumable Science, explains how the company’s MyBodyScore will allow patients to easily
understand what their body is telling them about their health behaviors.

GUEST: Tim Davenport, Consumable Science

HOST: Unity Stoakes

LOCATION: Health Datapalooza Conference, Washington, D.C.


● Consumable Science and MyBodyScore

● The science of biomarkers plus patient data and privacy

● Enabling employers, promoting employee health and wellness

#37: Esther Dyson on Importance of Health + Data

Esther Dyson sits down with StartUp Health to discuss the importance of health + data and how startups can being to pull away from the redundancy in the market. We also hear about how she is impacting the digital health industry with her newest venture, the HiCCup Initiative and Way to Wellville.

#36 The Human Experience of Data – Anish Sebastian & Juan Pablo Segura, Babyscripts

How does the human experience affect the data used in digital health today? Anish Sebastian and Juan Pablo Segura, Co-Founders of Babyscripts, discuss how the human experience of data is being embedded into everyday life. They also share their experience pivoting their company to focus solely on pregnancies.

#35: Data in the Healthcare Universe

How important is data for healthcare? Bryan Sivak, Former CTO, US Department of Health & Human Services, discusses the importance of connecting and syncing healthcare data, how digital health startups can work with the government and advice for solving big challenges one bite at a time.