Monthly Archives: October 2015

#48: Fringe Technology Will Transform Healthcare – Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0

Health 2.0 Co-chairman and CEO Indu Subaiya discusses the next phase of health innovation and why we have to keep looking at fringe technology to transform healthcare.

#47: The Tech Platform Doctors Are Flocking To – Andrei Zimiles, Founder and CEO Andrei Zimiles discusses the disruption health care professionals are experiencing today and how technology is helping and challenging them at the same time.

GUEST: Andrei Zimiles,
HOST: Unity Stoakes
LOCATION: WCG Offices – New York, NY

Mission of
Open vs Closed Platforms & The SaaS Model
Branding: Power in a Name

#46: Strategizing Your Brand – Rob Cronin, WCG

How do you make your startup stand out from the crowd? Rob Cronin of WCG shares how entrepreneurs can abandon traditional media strategies to become their own publishers.

GUEST: Rob Cronin, WCG
HOST: Steven Krein
LOCATION: WCG Offices – New York, NY

Marketing: An Entrepreneurial Tool for Success
Agency Marketing for Business Development
Strategizing Your Brand