Monthly Archives: December 2017

#164: Caregiver Training Goes Digital: Jo Schneier, Cognotion

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Jo Schneier, Cognotion, chats with President of StartUp Health, Unity Stoakes, at the StartUp Health Village in New York, New York. They discussed Cognotion’s double mission — providing training for future caregivers, while providing quality care to seniors aging in place.

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#163 Pivoting to Greater Success: Andrei Zimiles,

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Andrei Zimiles discusses the journey of, challenges along the way, the unique abilities of his co-workers, and how they all fit together in building a dynamic company.

Guest: Andrei Zimiles, CEO,
Host: Steven Krein, Co-founder & CEO, StartUp Health
Location: StartUp Health Village, New York, NY.

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#162: The Ripple Effect: Creating Successful Startups: Doug Galen, RippleWorks

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Doug Galen chats with Unity Stoakes, president of StartUp Health, at the Health 2.0 2017 Conference in Santa Clara, California. He shares the mission and vision of RippleWorks and explains how startups like those in StartUp Health’s portfolio can benefit from being part of a RippleWorks project.
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Host: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
Guest: Doug Galen, RippleWorks
Location: Health 2.0 2017 Conference, Santa Clara, California