MedHaul CEO & founder Erica Plybeah and Nathalie Occean, Director of Quality and Community Engagement

MedHaul’s Leaders Break Down What’s Needed to Create Racial Equity in Silicon Valley and Beyond

At MedHaul, CEO & founder Erica Plybeah and Director of Quality and Community Engagement Nathalie Occean are solving one of the oldest challenges in health: transportation. Each year, nearly four million adults and children with chronic conditions miss or delay medical appointments because they don’t have a ride. At MedHaul, the Memphis-based entrepreneurs have developed an Uber-like platform that books non-emergency transportation for people with special needs in low-income communities across 10 U.S. cities, and counting. In this StartUp Health NOW podcast episode, Plybeah and Occean share how they’ve continued to scale during COVID-19 and break down the core challenges that ultimately set the stage for why Black founders receive less than 1% of venture capital.

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