How Babyscripts Powers ‘Connected Pregnancies’ and Brings OB Care Where It’s Needed

In this episode, we sit down with Juan Pablo Segura, co-founder of Babyscripts, about virtual healthcare for moms-to-be.Around 50% of counties in the United States don’t have an OBGYN to take care of moms when they’re expecting. That’s around 10 million women who don’t have access to an OB for prenatal or primary care. At Babyscripts, Juan Pablo and his co-founder Anish Sebastian put together a kit of devices that pairs with an app so that OBs can monitor the health of their patients every day, virtually. Given the access problem, It’s an area of health where virtual care just made a lot of sense, but the COVID pandemic tipped it over the edge. Technology that used to be a forward-thinking nice-to-have is now a must-have – which is good news for expectant moms everywhere.

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