Storytelling: A Key Driver of Value Creation, with Jared Bloom of 4th and King

Health Transformers – what we call the entrepreneurs that we invest in and work with every day at StartUp Health – didn’t get into this business to create pitch decks. They didn’t start their companies in order to have investor meetings. They wanted to solve big problems in health. They wanted to heal people and help them live longer. However, the reality is that to achieve your health moonshot will generally require you to attract the necessary capital and talent – and that, in turn, hinges on your ability to tell your story. Whether it’s through your verbal delivery or your presentation deck, it’s essential that founders are able to frame the challenge effectively, inspire confidence in their team, and drive action.

This is precisely where our guest this week, Jared Bloom, has focused his talents. He’s the co-founder of 4th and King, an agency dedicated solely to helping companies craft, design, and deliver fundraising presentations. They’ve worked with more than 200 companies now, helping them to raise a cumulative $7B in capital.

The conversation you’ll hear is excerpted from a Fireside Chat that was held in front of a live audience of founders from the StartUp Health portfolio. In addition to Bloom’s wisdom on telling your story and nailing your next business presentation, you’ll hear his answers to a range of tactical questions from the Health Transformers in the audience.


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