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Why Jon Miller, Former CEO at AOL and IAC, Joined StartUp Health’s Board of Directors

Jon Miller is best known for being a former CEO of AOL, Head of Digital Media at News Corp, and Chief Executive of the media powerhouse IAC.

With all of that experience in media, Miller might seem like an interesting choice for the StartUp Health board of directors, which he joined recently. After all, on the board he joins the likes of Toby Cosgrove, MD, whose pedigree as the former head of the Cleveland Clinic needs little explanation.

Obviously, Miller’s experience in business, finance, and media has been vast, but how does that translate to health moonshots, these audacious goals that guide investments at StartUp Health? To find out, we called him up for a chat. Specifically, we wanted to know what tools of media could be used to speed up health innovation and help startups bring their solutions to market more successfully.

What we learned was that many of the advancements and opportunities Miller has seen in media over the last couple decades – advancements in consumerism and community – are absolutely core to improving health in scalable digital ways.

Listen in to hear Miller explain that vision and why he’s more excited than ever to support a global army of health tech entrepreneurs – this band of like-minded founders we call Health Transformers.

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