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Anish Sebastian and Babyscripts Are Showing the World That a Connected Pregnancy Is a Healthier Pregnancy

On this episode we talk to Anish Sebastian, CEO and co-founder of Babyscripts. Founded by Sebastian and his business partner Juan Pablo Segura in 2014, Babyscripts uses connected health devices – like a bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor – and an app to help women have better pregnancies. OBGYNs, who prescribe the app to their patients, get a steady stream of data, helping them intervene early in cases of high blood pressure or other complications. And moms-to-be are given the tools to communicate with their doctor throughout their pregnancy. Babyscripts has been involved in more than 200,000 pregnancies and with every new provider partnership they sign, they open up access to high quality pre and post natal care. StartUP Health’s Logan Plaster caught up with Anish to get the latest.

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