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Transforming Women’s Health With Dorothee Goldman and Missy Lavender

At StartUp Health, we strongly believe that being a woman shouldn’t be a health risk factor. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire health moonshot to improving the health of every woman all around the globe, no matter the barrier. In this podcast episode, we dialed up two female entrepreneurs in the StartUp Health portfolio innovating in the Women’s Health Moonshot: Dorothee Goldman, the CEO and founder of Oratel Diagnostics, who built the first solution that can diagnose endometriosis using saliva, and Missy Lavender, CEO and founder of Renalis, who’s created an innovative solution to improve experiences and outcomes for people with pelvic health conditions. Hosts Logan Plaster and India Edwards learn how Goldman and Lavender are working to change the health paradigm in areas of women’s health that were neglected in the past.This episode is part of a new Health Moonshot Programming podcast series, where we’ll highlight a new health moonshot – and inspiring health transformers – each month

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