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Introducing the Smartphone Epinephrine Injector, by Detroit-Based Startup Alerje

For some people, allergies are an inconvenience. But for millions of people around the world – particularly children – severe allergies are a major health concern. Eat the wrong thing and you could go into anaphylactic shock! They also seem to be getting worse. Tackling this growing problem is our guest on this episode, Javier Evelyn, the CEO and Founder of Alerje, which joined StartUp Health in 2020. Javier combined his personal experience suffering from severe allergies with his knowledge as a software developer to create an app and a device that administers epinephrine, in order to make life a little easier and a little safer for folks with bad allergies. In our interview we’ll get into Javier’s story, what he’s built, and how this year the Detroit-based startup got a boost from Google.

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