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Remote Work, Compensation, and Age Dynamics: Unpacking Digital Health Workforce Trends

In this week’s StartUp Health NOW episode, we’re talking about work. Specifically the digital health workforce, and we’re talking with the one and only Polina Hanin, Senior Principal & Head of Development at Aequitas Partners.

Here at StartUp Health, we had the pleasure of working with Polina for several years, and it’s unlikely anyone has a better grasp on the digital health ecosystem. She’s worked with hundreds of founders and executives across healthcare. When she moved over to Aequitas, an executive recruiting firm in the digital health space, we knew she was going to continue to help a lot of people.

One thing she did, and the reason behind this interview, is launch the industry’s first – and certainly most comprehensive – workforce survey. If you work in digital health, you’ve probably seen information about it in your inbox.

In our conversation, which took place at ViVE in Los Angeles, we get into exactly what Polina has learned after four years of conducting this workforce survey. Particularly of interest were the trends around remote work compensation, attitudes towards hiring remote workers, and how work priorities shift as we age.

Lets get right into it.

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