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Why Jonathan Bush Calls His New Startup Zus “The Waterboy for Health Innovation”

Our guest on this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Jonathan Bush, has been pushing and prodding and challenging the status quo since the dawn of the digital health revolution.

He did it first as the CEO & Co-founder of athenahealth back in the late 90s, where he collaborated with Todd and Ed Park to build one of the industry’s first internet-based healthcare companies. For that work, Fortune included Jonathan Bush in its list of “34 Leaders Who Are Changing Healthcare.”

Now, Bush is back with an ambitious new startup called Zus Health, which uses a library of software tools to enable digital health companies to build their own unique experiences.

StartUp Health President & Co-founder Unity Stoakes sat down with him on stage at the StartUp Health Festival @ ViVE earlier in March to hear about what he’s building and where he sees health innovation growing next. And, why he likens Zus to being “the waterboy for health innovation.”

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