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Maximizing Your Impact: Building and Leading a Strategic Board

Our guest this week is Matt Blumberg, CEO and Co-founder at Bolster. He’s the author of the books “Startup CEO,” “Startup CXO,” and most recently “Startup Boards.”

That last one was why we wanted to have him in for a special masterclass with the founders from the StartUp Health community. As you’ll hear, Blumberg has developed a detailed strategy for maximizing your startup’s board. It’s a time-tested framework for making sure your board is an asset to your business not a tax.

Drawing on his own experiences as a CEO and board member, Matt discusses the importance of diversity in leadership and decision-making and provides practical tips and strategies for building a board that represents the full range of perspectives and experiences of your stakeholders. As a startup leader looking to build or scale your board, this chat will provide valuable insights and actionable advice to help you grow.

This conversation was held in front of a live audience of entrepreneurs, so you’ll get to hear some very practical questions on board management during our Q&A.

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