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Scaling Your Health Tech Business to $100 Million, Featuring Sofia Guerra of Bessemer Venture Partners

On our episode today we are getting down into the details, deep the weeds, in order to understand what it takes to scale a healthcare business to $100M.

For that wisdom we turned to Sofia Guerra, an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners. We recently had her on our Health Transformer University Masterclass series to share top takeaways from a recent benchmarks report published by her firm. She distilled their very detailed work into five key takeaways and then hung around to answer questions from our audience of StartUp Health founders.

In this session, which was hosted by Jamey Edwards, Chief Platform Officer here at StartUp Health, Sofia gets into all the critical operational, financial, and clinical performance metrics that health tech companies need to care about if they’re going to thrive and scale.

For the purpose of this podcast, we’ll drop right into the middle of the conversation between Jamey and Sofia, focusing on her advice for founders.


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