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#16: Rafael Torres on the Global Reimagination of Healthcare

Senior Managing Director & Healthcare Leader of GE Ventures, Rafael Torres, sits down for a fireside chat with StartUp Health CEO & Co-Founder Steven Krein at the January 2015 StartUp Health Showcase in San Francisco.

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#15: Predictive Analytics for Autism Therapy – ABPathfinder

In this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW!, Jeff Blackwood, Co-Founder & CEO/President, and Kelly Kerns, Co-Founder & COO, of ABPathfinder discuss how they are tackling the huge problem of one in 68 children being diagnosed with autism each year by automating the ABA therapy process. They discuss life as first-time entrepreneurs, how they came to co-found ABPathfinder and their goals for the upcoming year.

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#14: Assessing the Opportunity in Underserved Communities – Margaret Laws, CHCF

How do you develop a healthcare startup with social impact? Margaret Laws from the California HealthCare Foundation discusses how entrepreneurs can focus on opportunities to bring their innovations to underserved communities.

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#13: The Right Team is Key to Startup Success – Kurt Brenkus, Aver Informatics

How do you build a successful startup? Team is key. Kurt Brenkus, CEO of Aver Informatics, highlights the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and discusses how hiring the right team has been the biggest game changer for his company.

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