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StartUp Health Festival Founder Stories: Mylea Charvat, PhD, Savonix with Susan Schneider Williams

Susan Schneider Williams, Fine Artist and Passionate Advocate for Brain Health and Lewy Body Dementia Awareness, talks with Savonix CEO & Founder Mylea Charvat, PhD, on the main stage of the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco. January 13, 2020. Host by: Mylea Charvat, PhD, CEO & Founder, Savonix

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#203: John-Ross “JR” Rizzo, MD, Assistant Professor NYU Langone Health

John-Ross “JR” Rizzo, MD, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine & Neurology at NYU Langone Health, talks about his research in visual-motor integration and how the use of new cameras and sensors for eye- and hand-tracking are helping to better understand what is happening within the brain after a stroke or other brain injury.

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Location: NYU Langone Health Tech Symposium in New York, NY

#147 Revolutionizing the Diagnosis of Brain Disorders: John Kelley, CereScan

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Kelley shares his vision for the future of brain health, and describes what CereScan is doing to make that vision a reality.
Watch here: https://healthtransformer.co/revolutionizing-the-diagnosis-of-brain-disorders-2132b58de7e5

Guest: John Kelley, CereScan
Host: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
Location: Prime Health Summit, Denver, Colorado

#124: A Mobile Game That Monitors Your Brain: Clarence Carlos, RC21X

What if a game could give your brain a check-up? In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Clarence Carlos, CEO of RC21X, shares how his company is helping former NFL players assess their cognition, and allowing parents to monitor the brain health of their children.

GUEST: Clarence Carlos, RC21X
HOST: Steven Krein, StartUp Health
LOCATION: StartUp Health Studio, StartUp Health Village, New York, NY
Watch Here: https://healthtransformer.us/the-game-that-monitors-your-brain-cc2752dd7451

#94: Cracking the Code on Mobile Brain Monitoring – Nathan Intrator, Neurosteer

Nathan Intrator, Professor of Computer Science and Founder of Neurosteer, talks about the progress his company has made in the development of new applications for brain monitoring, the impact home monitoring will have on patients and the general population, and Israel’s evolving digital health ecosystem.

GUEST: Nathan Intrator, Tel Aviv University & Neurosteer
HOST: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, New York, NY

The Impact of Home Monitoring
Virtual and Augmented Reality As It Relates to Science and Technology
Israel’s Evolving Digital Health Ecosystem

(Access the full transcript here: https://medium.com/p/cdc23459bf75)

#84: Turning Accidents into Opportunities – Dr. Philip Low, NeuroVigil

Dr. Philip Low, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NeuroVigil, discusses the mission of his neurodiagnostics company, the importance of taking risks in building your business and how unexpected circumstances can be turned into valuable opportunities.

#82: “Doctorpreneurs” Innovating Today in Healthcare – Dr. Keith Black, Cedars-Sinai

Keith L. Black, MD, Chairman and Professor, Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai, discusses his passion and focus on brain tumors and other brain disorders, the movement he sees in healthcare towards predictive medicine, and his advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurial ‘wannabes’.

GUEST: Dr. Keith Black, Cedars-Sinai
HOST: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, San Francisco, CA

Advice to Young Entrepreneur “Wannabes”
Dr. Black’s Personal Mission
Dr. Black, on Predictive Medicine

Show Notes and Key Takeaways (Access the full transcript here: https://medium.com/p/27abc096eb14)

#63: A New Era for Brain Health – Adam Simon, Cerora

Co-founder and CEO of Cerora, Adam Simon, discusses how his company is transforming the detection of brain injuries — by creating objective and accurate diagnostic information about the brain using multiple modes of information — with a real-time portable device.

GUEST: Adam Simon, Cerora
HOST: Steven Krein
LOCATION: Cleveland Clinic 2015 Medical Innovations Summit, Cleveland, OH

Who Is Adam Simon?
Cerora: Brain Injury Detection
Demoing the Cerora Product

#41: Neuroscience & Digital Health – Nathan Intrator, Neurosteer

What’s in store for the future of neuroscience? According to Nathan Intrator, Founder of Neurosteer, although we haven’t made much progress with studying the brain in recent decades, the future looks bright, as advanced sensors and signal processing break into the field.

GUEST: Nathan Intrator, Tel-Aviv University and Neurosteer
HOST: Steven Krein
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, New York, NY

Neuroscience Past & Present
Future of Wearable Tech

#15: Predictive Analytics for Autism Therapy – ABPathfinder

In this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW!, Jeff Blackwood, Co-Founder & CEO/President, and Kelly Kerns, Co-Founder & COO, of ABPathfinder discuss how they are tackling the huge problem of one in 68 children being diagnosed with autism each year by automating the ABA therapy process. They discuss life as first-time entrepreneurs, how they came to co-found ABPathfinder and their goals for the upcoming year.

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