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Health Transformers Bringing Diagnostics Into the Home

A tricorder, a centrifuge that fits in the palm of your hand, stick-on thermo patches that can detect early stage breast cancer… What used to be considered sci-fi are now existing technologies that are helping medical professionals meet patients where they’re at – in their home. Tune into this episode of the StartUp Health NOW podcast to learn how the founders of Welwaze, Sandstone Diagnostics, and Aidar Health are using these devices to bridge the access to care gap and why tech like theirs is paramount to an effective pandemic response.

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#119: Dr. Joshua Schiffman of the Huntsman Cancer Institute

What can elephant DNA teach us about cancer? In this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW, Dr. Joshua Schiffman, a pediatric oncologist and researcher at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, explains why he believes elephant DNA might hold the secret to preventing cancer in humans.

GUEST: Dr. Joshua Schiffman, Huntsman Cancer Institute
HOST: Howard Krein, StartUp Health
LOCATION: StartUp Health Festival, San Francisco, CA

Read more here: bit.ly/2pEWT2W

#116: Lessons from the White House Cancer Moonshot with Greg Simon

We have the opportunity to end cancer as we know it during our lifetimes. In this week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW, Greg Simon, director of the Biden Foundation’s Cancer Initiative, shares what he learned as the head of the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force, and discusses how moonshot thinking can radically transform the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

GUEST: Greg Simon, Biden Cancer Initiative
HOST: Howard Krein, StartUp Health
LOCATION: StartUp Health Festival, San Francisco, CA

#100: Transforming Disease w Data, Tech & Personalized Medicine-Mike Pellini, MD, Foundation Medicine

Mike Pellini, MD, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Foundation Medicine, sits down with StartUp Health co-founder Unity Stoakes at the 2017 StartUp Health Festival for a Fireside Chat on analyzing tumors through genome sequencing and how new innovations are helping to advance the way physicians can treat cancer and potentially cure all diseases.

GUEST: Mike Pellini, MD, Foundation Medicine
HOST: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
LOCATION: StartUp Health Festival, San Francisco, CA

Mike Pellini and Foundation Medicine’s Moonshot
Curing All Diseases – A Bold Goal
Mike and StartUp Health – An Interesting Connection

#77: Changing the Face of Cancer – Jasvir Zonobi, Kuveda

Jasvir Zonobi, Kuveda Co-founder & CEO, and Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health Co-founder & President, delve into Kuveda’s approach to transforming healthcare that could ultimately change the face of cancer medicine.

GUEST: Jasvir Zonobi, Kuveda
HOST: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, San Francisco, CA

Kuveda’s Mission
An Agile Approach to Transforming Healthcare
Changing the Face of Cancer: What the Future Looks Like

Key takeaways from this episode of StartUp Health NOW can be found here: https://medium.com/p/9cdc80fec6d8