Monthly Archives: April 2015

#28: Funding the Future of Digital Health – Reid Robison, MD, Tute Genomics

Tute Genomics Founder and CEO Reid Robison, MD, shares insights on how human genome sequencing will change the future of medicine and how being the first company on the StartUp Health AngelList syndicate has pushed his startup forward.

#27: Big Data for Big Results – Melissa Manice, CoheroHealth

Does a digital health startup have to choose between developing great hardware or creating accurate software? In the latest episode of StartUp Health NOW, Melissa Manice, Founder and CEO of CoheroHealth, explores how her products work seamlessly together to provide biometric data that is changing the lives of respiratory patients.

#26: Designing Digital Health for Impact in Underserved Communities – Inder Singh, Kinsa

Can a digital health startup succeed through good intentions alone? Inder Singh, Founder and CEO of smart thermometer Kinsa, explores the pros and cons of starting his business with no product and no business plan, but with a purpose — to create the world’s first real-time map of human health.

#25: Can Entrepreneurs and the FDA Finally Get Along? – Jonathan Javitt, Telcare

Telcare Vice Chairman & Founder, Jonathan Javitt explores why the FDA is allowing entrepreneurs more freedom than ever before and shares his experience pushing healthcare innovation forward with three different Presidential Administrations.