At Particle Health, Troy Bannister Is Bringing the Best of FinTech to Healthcare

Meet Troy Bannister and the Particle Health team when you join us in Miami Beach in March for StartUp Health @ ViVE 2022:

It’s no secret that healthcare as an industry has lagged behind most industries when it comes to tech adoption. We can search and buy plane tickets on our phones, get a same-day delivery of toothpaste with a click of a button, but medical records often still need to be faxed in paper form from one hospital to another.

Your response might be that’s OK since healthcare is a lot more complicated, and data security is a bigger deal when it comes to health than it is in travel and retail. However, consider Exhibit B: Digital personal finance. Today, people deposit checks, send money, even invest in the stock market, with a click on their phones, in spite of the very sensitive nature of the data involved.

I say all of this because my guest on the show today, Troy Bannister, is bringing the best of finance tech and bringing it to the healthcare industry. Troy is the CEO and Co-founder of Particle Health, which StartUp Health backed in 2018, and he’s on a mission to kill the fax machine and make the essential exchange of health data as easy as Venmo, Mint, or RobinHood. Particle Health is doing this through a clever API approach that helps developers build new, exciting apps.

Join us in Miami Beach from March 6-9 for StartUp Health @ ViVE 2022 to meet the Particle Health team and dozens of other Health Transformers:

Learn more and connect with the team at Particle Health.

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