Alyssa Jaffee of 7wireVentures on Finding Balance, Authenticity, and Founder-Market Fit

This week’s episode of StartUp Health NOW is pulled from a recent Fireside Chat we held with investor Alyssa Jaffee, a partner at 7wireVentures who focuses on digital health. Jaffee sits on the board of Ayogo Health and works with five health companies as a board observer, so she’s got a very hands-on understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

In the interview, Jaffee shares some best practices for breaking through the noise and landing a meeting with an investor. She talks through the importance of founder-market fit – why passion is particularly important in healthcare – and why she’s so bullish on the health innovation market as a whole.

We hold these candid conversations in front of a live audience of founders from the StartUp Health portfolio, so you’ll get to learn from their questions as well.

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