How Is Using Their Recent Series A Funding to Break into the US Market

On this week’s StartUp Health NOW podcast episode, we sat down with Charlie Bullock, the CEO and Co-founder of, which is, to oversimplify, an online marketplace for diagnostic imaging services. We wanted to dial Charlie up for two reasons. The first is that this StartUp Health company has officially grown from their UK roots to developing a significant beachhead in the United States. We wanted to get a play by play about that process and distill some useful cross-border growth strategies for our listeners. The second reason for the call was that just – this week – announced a major fundraise, which is going to put this US expansion into high gear.

In our conversation Charlie shares a bit of his personal journey as an entrepreneur, gets into all the details about their recent raise, and outlines some do’s and don’ts for breaking into the US market.

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