Cybersecurity: How Startups Can Stay Secure as Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Skyrocket

According to multiple news sources, cyber attacks surged in 2022. That doesn’t necessarily surprise anyone, but what may be a surprise is learning that healthcare is the most targeted sector.

Turns out, patient records have a high resale value, and ransomware attacks on hospitals can be profitable.

This increase in cyber threats coincides with waves of new companies making data more accessible to patients. So on one hand we’ve got a groundswell of startups fighting the good fight of leveraging patient data and new technology to improve lives. On the other hand we have an increasingly aggressive and sophisticated network of cyber criminals who are a constant threat to our healthcare system and, ultimately, patients’ lives.

Bridging these two worlds is our guest, Steve Cagle, CEO at Clearwater. In this episode, Steve helps us understand the magnitude of the cybersecurity threat in healthcare and, more importantly, gives us practical strategies that founders can employ in order to keep patient data safe and keep their company compliant with current regulations. Steve also explains how, by making a few smart moves, a startup can turn cybersecurity from a business threat to a competitive advantage, particularly as they pitch to wary health systems and payers.

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