StartUp Health Masterclass with Lee Shapiro: How Founders Should Navigate Fundraising in 2024

On today’s StartUp Health NOW episode we’re bringing you an excerpt from a recent StartUp Health Masterclass featuring Lee Shapiro, the managing partner at 7wireVentures.

Very few people, if any, have the experience and market understanding that Lee Shapiro has. As we’ll get into in the conversation, he’s been an investor as well as an operator, guiding Allscripts and then Livongo. More than that industry expertise, however, we appreciate Lee’s ability to put work and life in perspective. He’s become a real sage, and in this Masterclass he shares wisdom on how to thrive and grow even when the markets are constrained.

The Masterclass was held in front of a live virtual audience of around 40 founders from the StartUp Health community. Towards the end of the class we opened up the line for questions, so you’ll get to hear Lee’s practical feedback to founders working in the trenches.

This session was so rich with insights and takeaways that we turned it into a video and a blog post as well. The video breaks down Lee’s 21 top insights from the session, so if you want to skim through those, head over to StartUp Health TV on YouTube.

Enjoy the Masterclass.

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