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From the Archives: A Look at How Andreessen Horowitz Invests in the Future of Health

On this week’s StartUp Health NOW, we look back at one of our most-popular podcast episodes: a chat with Julie Yoo, a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz – where she leads investments in healthcare technology, with a focus on companies that are modernizing how we access, pay for, and experience the healthcare system. During this chat in front of a live audience of founders from the StartUp Health community, Yoo talked about the growth of home health, fintech for healthcare, and her personal passions around solving for provider shortage issues and the mismatch of supply and demand.

Listen in for insights that are just as relevant today as in November 2021, such as Yoo’s tip that top investors like a16z are less interested in startups who have all the answers – because they don’t – than in entrepreneurs who can identify and overcome obstacles and can communicate that journey with clarity.

We will be back with fresh episodes after Labor Day!


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