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Four StartUp Health Entrepreneurs Tackling Cognitive Health Concerns

This episode is part of our monthly Health Moonshot series. Last month it was all about women’s health, today, we’re talking about founders and companies rethinking brain health. Kate Rosenbluth, PhD, Chief Science Officer & Founder at Cala Health, is transforming the standard of care for patients living with chronic diseases using non-invasive wearable neuromodulation therapies. The team has developed Cala Trio™, the first non-invasive targeted therapy that reduces hand tremor for people living with essential tremor (ET). Maor Cohen, CEO & Co-founder of n*gram health, is improving the quality of life for older adults with cognitive impairment using immersive digital experiences. RC21X co-founder Mark Cavicchia has developed two brain performance assessment tools, Roberto and RC21X, that create brain performance trend data for organizations through repeated use and produce session results in real-time, which bring about measurable improvements in work performance, productivity, and safety. Lastly, Amir Bozorgzadeh, CEO & Co-founder of Virtuleap, has created a virtual reality-based brain training platform. In this episode, the four entrepreneurs break down their innovative solutions and how they’re unlocking the mysteries of the brain.  

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