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Taking a Breath of Fresh Air: Innovation in Respiratory Health

This episode of StartUp Health NOW shines a light on respiratory health with guest Sathya Elumalai, CEO & Co-founder of Aidar Health – a long-time member of the StartUp Health community.

  • The power of breath: Explore how Elumalai’s company, Aidar Health, is revolutionizing respiratory health with their innovative MouthLab device.
  • More than just a breathalyzer: Discover how MouthLab measures over 10 vital signs, opening doors for future biometric applications.
  • Combating COPD: Learn how Aidar Health’s technology tackles chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a debilitating lung condition.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re interested in healthcare innovation.
  • You’re curious about the future of respiratory health.
  • You want to learn about the power of breath in health monitoring.

Get ready to be inspired by the future of lung health!

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