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BUA FIT Hits One Million Engagements in Support of Outdoor Fitness

One in four adults is physically inactive according to a global health study published in the Lancet a few years ago. That’s an enormous number. It doesn’t take much research or imagination to figure out that this leads directly to poorer health outcomes – and just a lower quality of life in general. Our bodies need to move for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Dave Stapleton, our guest today, is working to solve this problem. Dave played semi-pro rugby in Ireland and then moved to London to work in finance. Because of his years on the field, he prefers outdoor fitness classes. He was taking part in these various bootcamps and high intensity training sessions around London when he realized two things.

The first was that outdoor training was more accessible to the people who needed it most. People who feared the judgment or complexity of a gym seemed to see outdoor classes as an entry point to fitness. The second was that the outdoor fitness market was incredibly fractured and disorganized.

So Dave did what great entrepreneurs do. He dove deep into market research, found like-minded collaborators, and began to build. The platform he created, BUA FIT, just celebrated facilitating its one millionth engagement, so we wanted to get Dave on the phone from London and hear more about how their journey has played out since StartUp Health invested in the company last year.



Learn more and connect with the team at BUA FIT.

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