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For Victor Penev, Good Leadership Starts With a Healthy Mind

Like so many founders, Edamam CEO & Founder Victor Penev went through a phase with his first startup where he worked all day and was stressed all night. He didn’t sleep enough. He gained weight. He was unhealthy and unhappy. That led to a crisis moment that opened the door to an entirely new way of thinking. In this recent conversation, we learn how Victor embraced healthy habits – both in body and mind, and for his team – while also remaining ambitious and driven in his current startup.
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Victor Penev, CEO & Founder, Edamam

At Edamam, Victor Penev has created the world’s largest food database and the most accurate nutrition analysis tool to date. In this episode, we talk with Penev about how he’s using food data to help millions of people eat better.

#204: Victor Penev, CEO & Founder, Edamam

Health Transformer Victor Penev, CEO & Founder of Edamam, talks about how his company is organizing the the world’s food knowledge and creating a database to help consumers make optimum choices at the store, in a restaurant, and at home.

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Location: NYU Langone Health Tech Symposium in New York, NY

#151: In the Neo-biological Revolution, You Will Hack Your Body: Jane Metcalfe, Neo.life

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Metcalfe discusses the technological and cultural trends behind the neobiological revolution, and explains how this revolution will touch the lives of everyone in the world.
Watch here: https://healthtransformer.co/in-the-neo-biological-revolution-you-will-hack-your-body-4be13cb32578

Host: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
Guest: Jane Metcalfe, Neo.life
Location: StartUp Health Village, New York City, New York

#133: A Fitbit for Standing Desks: Erik Carver, StandLogix

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, Erik Carter discusses his purpose behind Standlogix and the importance of movement at work. He also shares his views on why he feels healthcare is the next industry ripe for innovation.

Watch here: healthtransformer.us

Guest: Erik Carver, StandLogix
Host: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
Location: Prime Health Summit in Denver, Colorado.

#90: Digital Technology Is Transforming the Way Athletes Train – Sky Christopherson, OAthlete

Sky Christopherson, Olympic cyclist & founder of OAthlete, discusses the mission of OAthlete, how digital technology is influencing the way athletes train and why data can be more powerful than drugs.

GUEST: Sky Christopherson, OAthlete
HOST: Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, New York, NY

How Digital Technology Is Influencing Athletic Training
Data. More Powerful Than Drugs
“Personal Gold”

(Access the full transcript here: https://medium.com/p/f7778edd07b2)