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The Tipping Point for Telemedicine, with Amwell’s Dr. Roy Schoenberg

Our guest this week is telemedicine pioneer Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, the Co-CEO and President of Amwell. COVID was an absolute game changer for telemedicine adoption, and Amwell was right there to seize the momentum. But before COVID, Dr. Schoenberg and his team labored for 14 years trying to bring the dream of telemedicine to reality. They learned a lot along the way, and we’ll hear some of those lessons in this conversation between Roy and Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health’s President and Co-founder. The chat was held on stage at the StartUp Health Festival, which occurred at ViVE in Miami Beach in March 2022. You’ll hear Dr. Schoenberg’s philosophy on health automation – why that shouldn’t be a dirty word – and a bit on why they acquired Conversa Health, a StartUp Health portfolio company that made its name building healthcare chatbots. Dr. Schoenberg also delivers some hard-won wisdom to today’s healthcare entrepreneurs, like the fact that persistence is the name of the game. If you want to change health, he says, you have to be ready for the long fight.

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