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#41: Neuroscience & Digital Health – Nathan Intrator, Neurosteer

What’s in store for the future of neuroscience? According to Nathan Intrator, Founder of Neurosteer, although we haven’t made much progress with studying the brain in recent decades, the future looks bright, as advanced sensors and signal processing break into the field.

GUEST: Nathan Intrator, Tel-Aviv University and Neurosteer
HOST: Steven Krein
LOCATION: Wearable Tech + Digital Health Conference, New York, NY

Neuroscience Past & Present
Future of Wearable Tech

#40: Functional Medicine – Robin Berzin, MD, Parsley Health

What role is functional medicine playing in healthcare today? Dr. Robin Berzin, Founder of Parsley Health, discusses how she has built her company to become the first modern affordable functional medicine practice and wellness center.