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With MouthWatch, Brant Herman Is Blazing a New Trail for Tele-Dentistry

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Thanks to COVID-19, the telemedicine industry saw an unprecedented boom over the last two years. Millions of people who never thought they’d see their doctor over a video call were introduced to the idea and discovered it was often pretty convenient. This phenomenon has gotten plenty of air time. But what about tele-dentistry? You may have to see your dentist in person if you want to get a cleaning done, but it turns out there’s a whole world of virtual dental care that has exploded in the last two years, following the same trend line as telehealth.

At the forefront of this movement is our guest today, Brant Herman, the CEO and Co-founder of MouthWatch. This company – which StartUp Health backed in 2015 – saw the need years ago and has designed an intraoral camera that can help visualize what’s going on in the mouth and send that information to a remote specialist. They’ve also built Teledent, a leading platform for managing teledentistry practices. For this work they’ve won a host of awards, and for two years in a row have been on Inc’s list of fastest growing private companies.

We’ll get into all of that in the interview, hear about the company’s journey, and talk about the critical role of oral health in holistic health.

Join us in Miami Beach from March 6-9 for the StartUp Health Festival @ ViVE 2022 to meet Brant and dozens of other Health Transformers: startuphealth.com/festival

Connect with the team at MouthWatch.

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