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A Candid Conversation w/ Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro, Investors in the StartUp Health Moonshots Impact Fund

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This week on the show we’re revisiting a conversation that first aired in 2021. It’s from a fireside chat we had with Lee Shapiro and Glen Tullman, the dynamic duo behind ventures like Allscripts, 7wire Ventures, and Livongo. On the call, the two talk with Steven Krein, StartUp Health CEO & Co-founder, about 25 years of lessons learned in investing and how they built health moonshot companies. We hear how Transcarent was “Hatched” and the success drivers behind Livongo. More importantly, we get a candid view of how two icons of health investors think about work and life.

We also learn a bit about why both Lee Shapiro and Glen Tullman have invested in the StartUp Health Moonshots Impact Fund, which launched last year. This fund makes it easy for investors to back a diverse portfolio of health startups, and you can learn all about it at healthmoonshots.com.

Lee Shapiro and Glen Tullman will be joining StartUp Health and more than 50 of our Health Transformers at ViVE, a premier health innovation event by HLTH and CHIME that’s happening in Miami Beach from March 6-9. StartUp Health @ ViVE will bring together founders, partners, and investors under one collaborative roof, and we’ll be broadcasting stories of health moonshot progress from the StartUp Health TV Studio. We hope you’ll join us in Miami Beach! Learn more and save on your ViVE registration at startuphealth.com/vive.

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